You become the Adviser to your fund[s] with Sound’s consultation. We have the expertise and experience to help guide you pre and post launch. With Sound as your Solutions Provider, your firm will successfully fulfill all the roles and responsibilities of an ETF Adviser. We complement the capabilities of our partners by providing all the resources necessary to serve as Adviser while we work in the background to support all operations of the fund and its service providers.

Launch your ETF

Adviser: Your Firm

Sub-adviser (Portfolio Manager): Your firm or a third-party trading sub adviser

Trust: use an existing shared trust or Sound can help you launch and run your own trust

Service Providers: [administration, accounting, custody, TA, statutory distributor] secured via existing, in place Sound relationships

Capital Markets: [exchanges, market makers, authorized participants] secured via existing, in place Sound relationships

Sales and Marketing: Sound can help you create and implement your own unique sales and marketing strategy