Sound can act as your Adviser and guide you in the role of ETF ‘Sponsor’. Your brand, your strategies, your fund[s] – with Sound fulfilling all the Advisory service requirements for any listed ETF. Your firm can act as Sub Adviser with Sound’s guidance, or we can provide a Trading Sub Adviser to handle trades based on the requirements set forth in your strategy.  As Sponsor, you control all sales and marketing initiatives – assuring the industry knows the fund is yours, not Sound’s.


Launch your ETF

Adviser: Sound Capital Solutions

Sub-adviser (Portfolio Manager): Your firm or a third-party trading sub adviser

Trust: use an existing shared trust or Sound can help you launch and run your own trust

Service Providers: [administration, accounting, custody, TA, statutory distributor] secured via existing, in place Sound relationships

Capital Markets: [exchanges, market makers, authorized participants] secured via existing, in place Sound relationships

Sales and Marketing: Sound can help you create and implement your own unique sales and marketing strategy